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Our Story

Once upon a time in a small town Latur in Maharashtra , We had a late night discussion with our founder member Dr. Vishvas Kulkarni for the pain areas in his hospital and we began our journey. We provided few simpler solutions and we started crawling. The solution worked for him and then we tried to replicate same for few other consultants. Thats where we tried to stand up and we failed. Over the period of last few years we struggled , we tumbled, and yet we now stand our ground firm and strong, trying to reach new horizons….

What We Do


Experience a level of our quality in both design & customization works.


Customised solutions in web applications and mobile applications as per requirement

Help & Support

Dedicated Support Team to provide real time resolutions for all kind of issues on live applications.

What Clients Say

HMS Evolved To Great Extent  

HMS application has been evolved to such a great extent now it saves time and improves process. It saves all clinical data for a patient - Even nurses can easily input vital signs of a patient..

Extremely User Friendly and Easy  

The HMS Application is extremely user friendly. It fulfils all OPD and IPD requirements with very ease.
It really manages all LAB , X-RAy and Sonography records for patient in such a good way that you can retrieve any record easily.

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